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  • Added "16-17 Winter" photos in "gallery" page. According to it, I did update to other categoly pages.
    Updated "link" page.
    Summer-ish hot days continue longer than usual years. I wonder if cold winter also continues longer than usual years......??? (2018/Aug/31)

  • Another newer gallery, "15-16" winter's photos, added some more "wedding" photos and movies. Also updated other gallery pages and added some other clients in "link" page.
    In Japan, new winter is arriving nicely. Let's have another great winter outdoor activities! (2017/Nov/29)

  • On 26th of November 2016, INDRES Formation held their 10th Anniversary Party at middle of Osaka. And I had chance to exhibit some photo-prints of them. And now, I show them here again!
    Please check them from "gallery"”INDRES…Party". (2016/Nov/12)

  • Additional photos of ”14-15 Winter” are at "gallery" page now, also I did minor-changes to other pages.
    Also I did additions and corrections to "link" page. (2016/June/18)

  • Added some photos from "13-14 winter" in "gallery" page.(2015/July/14)

  • It has been a while since the last update… I still update "blog" more often so please check them out. I also started to write it by different angle.
    I start to show some images from "13-14 winter", will be done soon!(2015/July/5)

  • Adding to f-stop (backpack), I'm supported by LEVEL (glove), Fullon (eyewear) and NOBILE (ski) from this winter.(2014/Dec/1)

  • I got chance to be featured my winter action/photography in Backline Magazine (German). Thank you so much, Wunderbar!!! (2014/Nov)

  • Changed design of "gallery" page which didn't work with few Tablet Devices and Smart-Phone. (2014/Oct/13)

  • Updated "gallery" page. (2014/July/13)
    ・Re-Arrange Photos (add & delete)
    ・Now it's possible to access from Tablet Devices and Smart-Phone
    ・Added a "Photo Slideshow" which made for an event, in Feb 2013

  • Update "others" in "Pano-Movie" page. Also added pages for tablet devices and smart-phone. (2013/Nov/30)

  • Some Updates has been done in these years

  • This page "www.takahironakanishi.com" opened in April, 2006